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Unique Dashboard Business Intelligence is the software you would like to implement in your environment, highlighting analysis, management and visualization of your business data.

Implementing Unique Dashboard Business Intelligence software is a competitive advantage. Not only provides greater insight into business data, but also provides analysis tools and conditions to monitorize important indicators, reinforcing their relevance in a decision-making context.

We offer Technical Support Services to software configuration, ando also Management Consulting Services for implementation and definition of a conceptual model of Business Intelligence tailored to your business requirements.


Technical Support

DNS Server Configuration

DNS server configuration so that the application website is only available on the local network or across the internet

Data sources addition (data base)

Include in the application different types of data sources where user can get relevant data

Queries Creation

Using MDX or SQL commands (MSSQL or ODBC) to create Dashboards

Creation of KPIs and Scorecards

Set performance indicators according to your OLAP or SQL data
Implement alert emails that are triggered according to KPI status

Create Dashboards and Reports

Create multi-page reports with Dashboards (through OLAP analyzes already created or through MDX or SQL commands)

OLAP Analysis

MS Analysis Services

Subscriptions service configuration

Subscribe users to receive Dashboard or OLAP analysis reports (once, weekly, monthly, etc.)

We think about the future of your company, with a conscious approach and integrated services, aiming aspects like improving performance, increasing the efficiency of your business and consequently reducing costs.


Management Consulting

Customized Business Intelligence solutions.

Diagnosis of your business environment.

Adapt and monitorize constant changes in your business environment.

Implement appropriate KPI ́s to manage your business.

Dashboards implementation.

Reporting capability improvement.

Working time optimization.

Training and Change Management.


Download 30 days evaluation of Unique Dashboard BI software and try all analysis and visualization features in action. It is a simple, 5 minutes installation that will bring you all features unlocked in evaluation version. We will be happy to receive your feedback and inquiries.