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UD BI Tool and BI features overview

Unique Dashboard BI software is BI Tool designed for web based OLAP analysis and Dashboard management that uses SQL and SSAS OLAP data for analyses and visualizations. Read about simple steps and user friendly process of creating OLAP analysis, data visualizations, beautiful dashboard charts and indicators with BI tool application you will love at first sight.

You have SQL and SSAS OLAP databases (Multidimensional and Tabular models) and need BI tool that would quickly utilize your data, create Analysis, Dashboards, Visualizations, Reports, Key Performance Indicators, Scorecards and would like to quickly share BI content with other authorized users, collaborate with them and finally subscribe to receive BI content on email at scheduled or access BI content with mobile devices? Well, you are on the right place! This BI tool will be ready in minutes after download to show its best on the BI features area. With few click and drag-and-drops you will learn how easy is to do OLAP analysis or create dashboards and share them with other users within your environment.


Unique Dashboard BI Tool is designed for MS Analysis Services environment (SSAS) with features to analyze, visualize, share and integrate OLAP data with other application. Quick and simple installation, rich and interactive analysis are some of most popular remarks for this BI tool and its OLAP analysis features. Unique Dashboard BI Tool OLAP client includes ad hoc OLAP analysis within OLAP grid or OLAP chart and makes essential analysis operations very easy and intuitive. Drag-and-drop OLAP structure to analysis grid with two axes and add any number of measures to see full analysis power of Unique Dashboard BI tool.
OLAP grid and chart analysis responds with immediate (in-place) results without page post-back, thanks to special architecture with asynchronous javascript infrastructure and optimized MDX queries of Unique Dashboard BI Tool. When adding OLAP dimension hierarchies on both axes, grid will show analysis that is result of combined measures on both axes. On the left side of screen, cube attributes are shown in expanding/collapsing tree view. Dragging measures and dimension hierarchies to designated drop areas where grid functionalities and common OLAP operations are available to choose from.

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Once you have created OLAP analysis with Unique Dashboard BI Tool, it can be opened in analytic or report view. Analytic view has more OLAP related analysis features for in-depth OLAP data analysis by the professional analysts, while report view is more for users who would like only to see prepared data as end results of analysis. At any time, user can switch from report to analytic view with Unique Dashboard BI tool.
All Unique Dashboard BII tool users have options to subscribe to a certain OLAP report analysis and schedule time to receive email that contains OLAP report in grid and/or chart format. Subscription email contains embedded chart image, grid and link to open analysis for further OLAP analysis operations and activities. Scheduled OLAP reports provides ability to receive fresh OLAP data on a regular basis and recipient event does not have to know that there is certain OLAP client software behind received email.
Users with permissions on an analysis, could share their comments and discuss certain BI content topics using ‘Collaboration comments’ feature of Unique Dashboard BI Tool. Collaboration comments gives new dimension to BI content and overall experience of data usage within your own environment. Now, your team is connected with data in the context of its own thoughts and ideas.


Use created analysis or create SQL and MDX queries to prepare data for visualizations and indicators on the dashboard with Unique Dashboard BI Tool. While creating dashboards, user can choose from 18 different visualizations, indicators and metrics to present data based on analysis and queries and point out interesting data moments. Dashboards consist of dashboard elements (tiles) that are arranged in dashboard columns. Dashboard columns can accept any number of tiles that will be displayed vertically. Each tile needs to be defined what kind of visualization and data it will display. By default, dashboard contains two columns and columns could be added and removed.
Easy drag-and-drop features makes dashboard creation simple and straightforward task, which is easy to adopt and fun to use. Dashboards could be also delivered with Unique Dashboard BI tool to users on scheduled subscriptions or integrated within third web applications and sites.
While using dashboard, user could add OLAP and SQL data filters and slice visible data on the dashboard to the point of current interest or export whole dashboard or particular tile to PDF file.

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Unique Dashboard BI tool also delivers options to access dashboards using mobile devices and reach authorized users out of office. Dashboard could also be subject of user ‘Collaboration comments’, where discussions could happen over specific data related topic.


Download 30 days evaluation of Unique Dashboard BI software and try all analysis and visualization features in action. It is a simple, 5 minutes installation that will bring you all features unlocked in evaluation version. We will be happy to receive your feedback and inquiries.