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Unique Dashboard BI software is BI Tool designed for web based OLAP analysis and Dashboard management that uses SQL and SSAS OLAP data for analyses and visualizations. Read about simple steps and user friendly process of creating OLAP analysis, data visualizations, beautiful dashboard charts and indicators with BI tool application you will love at first sight.

Download latest version of Unique Dashboard BI

Evaluation users have option to evaluate Unique Dashboard BI software for 30 days. Existing users can upgrade product with latest features.


Contact us on for assistance with setup and configuration. Send us your inquiry for your environment specific details.

Prerequisites to start

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 or
    Windows Server 2008 / 2012
  • MS SQL Server (any edition) on local machine or available on the network

How to upgrade

  1. Backup your Unique Dashboard BI internal SQL server database (default name “UniqueDashboardAnalysisDB”)
  2. Run setup.exe which has built-in automated upgrade process.

That’s it, after upgrade process is finished, your Unique Dashboard BI is ready to use.
Internal database already contains your license key, so you do not have to apply it again.

Installation user manual

Read details on how to setup and configure Unique Dashboard BI software in your environment. For more complex scenarios read concepts in manual document.

OLAP analysis user manual

Read all concepts on OLAP data analysis with Unique Dashboard BI with illustrated explanations on various analytic operations.

Dashboard user manual

Read instructions and tips on dashboard design and usage. Learn how to define KPIs and use analytics on dashboard.