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Is it necessary to pay any additional fees to have right to use future versions of Unique Dashboard BI?

Minor versions are free to upgrade, for new major version release upgrade, valid ‘Software Assurance’ is required.

Is it necessary to pay any additional fees to get product support?

No, product support is inlcuded in the prices of license.

Is it possible to get price discount, if more than one license is purchased at the same time?

Yes, please contact our sales at for special quotes.

Is it necessary to obtain license for each user (per user) that connects to Unique Dashboard BI application?

No, only one Unique Dashboard BI software license is required for one Unique Dashboard BI software installation. There are several licensing models that offer different numbers of users that connects to Unique Dashboard BI software.

Is it necessary to obtain additional licenses for each server CPU?

No, one license is required regardless of server CPU number.

Is my license bound to hardware and what to do in case of hardware upgrade or replacement?

License is bound only to server domain-name\server-name, which is provided in the license purchase procedure. Unique Dashboard BI could be reinstalled on completely new server as long as it has the name for which the license is purchased for.


What are prerequisites to install Unique Dashboard BI software?

– Operating system: Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Windows 7, Windows 8
– .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
– IIS 6 or higher
– MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2012

Is it possible to use MS SQL Server Express to install Unique Dashboard BI internal database?


Is it necessary to user Active Directory with Unique Dashboard BI?

No. Using Active Directory is default setting, but Unique Dashboard BI could be used on a stand-alone machine.

Is it possible to use Unique Dashboard BI on the Internet?

Yes, Unique Dashboard BI is like any other web application that could be exposed to be used over the web. We recommend using HTTPS protocol in Internet usage scenario.

What authentication protocols could be used with Unique Dashboard BI?

Unique Dashboard BI supports ‘Windows authentication’ (default), ‘Basic authentication’ and ‘Kerberos authentication’.


Is it possible to analyze different OLAP data sources other than MS SQL Server?

No, Unique Dashboard BI is designed to work with MS SQL Server Analysis services 2005/2008/2012 and any future MS SQL Server Analysis services releases.

Does Business Intelligence supports Tabular models?

Yes, Unique Dashboard BI support ‘In-memory’ tabular models, while ‘DirectQuery’ is currently not supported.

It is possible to define which users are allowed to see existing analysis, while sharing my analysis with other users on the intranet?

Yes, analysis could be published to ‘Folders’. For each ‘Folder’ administrator can define set of users that are allowed to work with ‘Folder’ analysis content.

It is possible to interact with charts, when analyzing data in charts view?

Absolutely, right click on chart and chart elements shows menu of available actions that are allowed in that moment. By selecting any of available action, chart is refreshed with new data and again right click gives further available actions. In that manor user can “play” with data drilling deep and wide as he/she likes.

Is it possible to use web browsers other than Internet Explorer to work with AnalyisPortal?

Yes, Unique Dashboard BI is supported on: IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox browsers.


What data sources are available for dashboard elements?

Elements for dashboard could be based on data from MS SQL Server and MS Analysis Services.

Is it possible to use existing analysis on Unique Dashboard BI to create dashboard elements?

Yes, existing analysis could be data source for dashboard elements (charts and KPIs). If dashboard element is based on existing analysis, OLAP analysis could be continued with a click on related dashboard element for further analysis.

How to deliver dashboards to end-users?

Dashboard could be opened in browser with defined URL, exported to PDF file, delivered via subscription service as email message with embedded dashboard images or delivered as PDF file within email message using subscription service.