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All Dashboards and dashboard folders created within ‘Unique Dashboard BI’ web application are available to connect from mobile devices using Windows (Active Directory) credentials of the current user. User is authorized to see exact same Dashboard objects and data as with classic view of UD web application. Unique Dashboard BI can be used internally to access data from mobile devices on local intranet and wireless connection or UD application can be exposed externally on the web and users can reach their local business data from anywhere.


Perform OLAP analysis Drill-Down and Drill-through actions to find more in-depth details of your data with touch of your fingers from Dashboards Mobile view. Select OLAP dimension level to Drill current data with multiple Drill-Down steps or get back to previous state of analysis. Select predefined Drill-through action that will return row details of the current OLAP visualization.

  1. Open Dashboard with charts based on OLAP data
  2. Touch chart segment you would like to explore with new details (Drill).
  3. Select OLAP action: Drill-by, Drill-Down or Drill-Through.
  4. Select OLAP dimension to drill.
  5. Select OLAP dimension hierarchy – level to drill
  6. Chart on the dashboards mobile view transforms to display drill down dimension level.
  7. Repeat this step multiple time to reach analysis data of interest.
  8. Select ‘Back’ to return to previous states of OLAP analysis

All dashboard visualizations available at dashboard design time will be rendered on mobile devices with all custom display options defined while designing dashboard. Visual options and data settings like, Color Theme Pallets, Value Labels, Average/Trend lines and others will behave same on mobile and desktop view of the dashboard. For each dashboard tile user can select chart visualization and option to ‘Show Values’ to see pure values that are base for chart visualization. OLAP data chart visualizations have option to ‘Drill-Through’ data for specific chart segment to see all leaf-level details that are related to chart segment of interest.


To connect to Unique Dashboard BI and display created dashboards, simply open web browser on your mobile device and type URL of your Unique Dashboard BI web application. If your UD web application is exposed on the internet, enter URL of Unique Dashboard app public web address and add ‘/Mobile/Index.html’
(For example, http://yourkyubitaddress/mobile/index.html)

To access Unique Dashboard BI on the local intranet:

  1. Find your server IP address. (Command prompt -> IPCONFIG)
  2. Type URL to mobile device browser together with port number and /Mobile/Index.html (For example,
  3. First time you will need to enter your Windows (Active Directory) credentials to access web application.


Download 30 days evaluation of Unique Dashboard BI software and try all analysis and visualization features in action. It is a simple, 5 minutes installation that will bring you all features unlocked in evaluation version. We will be happy to receive your feedback and inquiries.