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OLAP Analysis

OLAP analysis within your browser with ‘Unique Dashboard BI’ software, results with stunning visualizations, very fast responses and many OLAP related analytic features. Use 2-axes, multi-measure OLAP grid with drag-and-drop features or chart analysis to analyze OLAP data or prepare OLAP reports.


OLAP analysis within grid view in ‘Unique Dashboard BI’ is usual first approach of analyzing OLAP data when you are interested in analysis with numbers organized in rows and columns. Simply drag and drop cube elements to designated position on the grid panel. OLAP analysis inside grid view responds with immediate results without page post-back, due to special architecture based on asynchronous javascript infrastructure and optimized MDX queries. When adding OLAP dimension hierarchies on both axes, grid will show OLAP analysis that is result of combined measures on both axes. On the left side of screen, cube attributes are shown in expanding/collapsing tree view. Dragging measures and dimension hierarchies to designated drop areas where grid functionalities and common OLAP analysis operations are being used.


2-axes for dimension expanding, narrowing analysis from 2 direction

Grid supports work with multiple measures.

At any time results of grid analysis could be exported to excel file.

While analyzing data, user can quickly isolate interesting rows and columns and perform additional analysis on a given subset

For each interesting cell in grid analysis user can run drillthrough to see exact data that were used to show aggregates.

At any time grid analysis could be switched to OLAP chart analysis, and dimension hierarchies defined as root for both axis will be displayed as categories and series in the chart analysis. And later switch back to grid analysis.

Analysis could be saved and run again.

Analysis could be shared with other users on the intranet.

Automatic analysis history is recorded and any of last 10 analysis could be run again.

Quickly switch to report view, which is designed for printing purposes, so that user could instantly print grid analysis results without converting results to any file format.


Charts for OLAP analysis provide great visual OLAP analysis and OLAP data presentations tool. Discover OLAP data visually with Unique Dashboard BI interactive OLAP charts.

Visual nature of OLAP analysis is covered by awesome charts in Unique Dashboard BI, making analysis perceptual and visually attractive. Furthermore, all usual and common OLAP analysis operations are also available in visual manner by selecting actions from context menus which are OLAP data aware, providing interactive OLAP analysis where analyst quickly plays with data and visually explore OLAP cube data structure. OLAP dimension hierarchies are placed on two axes (Categories or Series) and allow switching to OLAP grid at any time. OLAP charts and analysis could be saved, shared with others, scheduled subscription or integrated with other web application.

Chart Analysis

OLAP Web client

At any time switch between Grid and Chart analysis to visualize OLAP data.

Chart Options

OLAP Web client

Chart analysis options for single member you select on chart.


OLAP Web client

Show drilthrough data on selected chart element.

Pie Chart

OLAP Web client

Show OLAP data with Pie chart.

Drill by Dimension

OLAP Web client

OLAP chart drill down selected member by another dimension level.

Area 3D

OLAP Web client

Show OLAP data with Area 3D chart.


While interacting with charts in OLAP analysis session, analyst can select element of the chart (bar, line, pie) which represents certain part of OLAP data structure (OLAP data aware chart) and define next OLAP action to run. In a few clicks and corresponding OLAP actions, analyst quickly isolates interesting data. Some of available OLAP actions are:





Pivot axis


Change Series

Change Category

Change/add measure

Add filter members

Show/hide empty series

Open analysis charts in PDF


During OLAP analysis with Unique Dashboard BI charts, user can quickly change chart type and adjust visual impression for a given analysis. Also, it is possible to select several design templates to match the colors you prefer and to show or hide values for each chart element. At the end of analysis, user can save analysis and use it later or it can be exported to PDF file. Available chart types:



Stacked Bars

Stacked Bars 100

Stacked Columns

Stacked Columns 100


Stacked Areas

Stacked Areas 100





Download 30 days evaluation of Unique Dashboard BI software and try all analysis and visualization features in action. It is a simple, 5 minutes installation that will bring you all features unlocked in evaluation version. We will be happy to receive your feedback and inquiries.