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OLAP Tools with Unique Dashboard BI

'Unique Dashboard BI' provides set of OLAP tools with features and services to analyze OLAP data with drag-and-drop analysis, visual analysis on the interactive charts or prepare MDX queries to visualize on OLAP Reports and Dashboards. User friendly interface, fast performance and stunning visualizations are primary features of the 'Unique Dashboard BI' and its set of OLAP tools.


‘Unique Dashboard BI’ includes set of OLAP tool that will enable your analysts to create beautiful and comprehensive OLAP analysis, OLAP Reports, data visualizations, calculations and integrate OLAP data usage within your team by adding comments and interaction between OLAP reports and users.
This OLAP tools with ‘Unique Dashboard BI’ setup are ready in 5 minutes and you will be surprised how quickly users can adopt OLAP analysis with this web application that is installed in your environment and used by all authorized users using web browser. Product setup has minor prerequisites and it is suitable for almost any environment with MS analysis services and SQL server. Product is installed on server with IIS and becomes central point for useful OLAP tools, OLAP reports, Dashboards and other Business Intelligence content that will be accessed by authorized users using only web browser. (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari internet browsers are supported).



You are going to like how easy and practical is to drag-and-drop OLAP dimension hierarchies and measures to two axes OLAP grid that instantly responds with results for defined analysis. On same analysis user can switch from grid to chart view and back to use all benefits of OLAP tools and actions that are adequate for current analysis needs. All actions using any of Unique Dashboard OLAP tools are stored in analysis history and user can view all analysis changes and has option to switch to some analysis state that was previously taken. At any time of analysis export data to Excel, CSV of PDF file.


OLAP tools includes feature to have visual perception of current analysis with 2D and 3D charts that are using major portion of user interface. At any time click on the certain chart part that presents certain segment of analysis data (OLAP member) and check for additional actions (Drill by, Drill down, Drillthrough) that visual analysis includes to further analyze OLAP data. Sort data by series or categories or compared to measure over specific member on the series axis. Use following chart types for OLAP data visualizations (Lines Splines, Stacked Bars, Stacked Bars 100, Stacked Columns, Stacked Columns 100, Areas, Stacked Areas, Stacked Areas 100, Pie, Doughnut, Radar) Export chart analysis to PDF file or subscribe to analysis and receive fresh data on email at scheduled time.


While designing OLAP report using Unique Dashboard OLAP tools, Filters will be set by adding OLAP dimension members that will be slicers for OLAP report. While observing report by the end user, Filters could be temporary changed to show other slicing variations of the OLAP report. Finally, user can choose also which visual elements OLAP report will contain. Optionally ‘Grid’ and ‘Chart’ data presentation could be included, custom Title and Description that can contain HTML, position of the visual elements and ‘Value bars’ that visually indicate amount of data in each cell, compared to the totals or grand totals. Reporting Unique Dashboard OLAP tools has features for end users to add their own comments, make discussion and share their thoughts on OLAP related data on the report. OLAP reports are organized in folders with unique permissions defined for users and groups and definitions who can only read or change existing OLAP report
Learn more about OLAP analysis to start creation of the OLAP report


Beside single OLAP report generated by the single OLAP analysis, OLAP tools with ‘Unique Dashboard BI’ also includes features to create dashboards that includes many visualizations, metrics and indicators that are based on multiple OLAP analyses, but also MDX and SQL queries. So, if OLAP data of interest is not practical to get by drag-and-drop OLAP analysis features, user can always write MDX queries for full benefits of OLAP environment and MDX syntax queries to get full OLAP reporting experience. Construct new MDX query in ‘Queries’ section of ‘Unique Dashboard BI’ OLAP tools and click ‘Run’ to test results. Select appropriate OLAP database data source that accepts MDX query language. Once created MDX query is valid and returns results as expected, it could be saved and used on the dashboard visualizations.


Every OLAP analysis using Unique Dashboard BI OLAP tools with OLAP grid or OLAP charts has options to be published and become visible and accessible from other web applications via URL and defined analysis alias name. In other words, snapshot of interesting OLAP data becomes visible from other web environments with ability to create custom layout. This option makes possible to create links from other applications or define area where certain analysis would be visible inside other application using HTML IFRAME element or Web Parts.

While publishing and integrating certain OLAP analysis results, users have options to create custom layout to fit OLAP analysis (grid and/or charts) in other web environment, considering fonts, colors and other visual elements.
For more details on publishing (integration) OLAP data snapshot, see ‘Publishing features’ in OLAP Analysis user manual documentation.


Download 30 days evaluation of Unique Dashboard BI software and try all analysis and visualization features in action. It is a simple, 5 minutes installation that will bring you all features unlocked in evaluation version. We will be happy to receive your feedback and inquiries.