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OLAP Web Client Gallery

Images presenting Unique Dashboard BI software and user interface while analyzing OLAP data structures in Grid and Chart view, as well as some most popular options available while analyzing OLAP data with Unique Dashboard OLAP web client.


OLAP Analysis

Two axes grid Analysis

Two axes grid analysis with multiple measures and multiple filters. Drag-and-drop OLAP structure elements to analysis area, which is instantly refreshed with OLAP data.

Member Selection

OLAP Web client

Select OLAP dimension members to be applied as filters.


Chart Analysis

OLAP Web client

At any time switch between Grid and Chart analysis to visualize OLAP data.

Chart Options

OLAP Web client

Chart analysis options for single member you select on chart.


OLAP Web client

Show drilthrough data on selected chart element.

Pie Chart

OLAP Web client

Show OLAP data with Pie chart.

Drill by Dimension

OLAP Web client

OLAP chart drill down selected member by another dimension level.

Area 3D

OLAP Web client

Show OLAP data with Area 3D chart.

Reuse / Export

Area Chart

OLAP Web client

Area chart with OLAP data


OLAP Web client

OLAP report with values, chart and data bars.


OLAP Web client

Enable team comments and discussion on created analyses and dashboard.

Peek Analysis

OLAP Web client

Quick way to make sub analysis in your current analysis and decide how to continue.

Excel Export

OLAP Web client

Export analysis to Excel file together with charts.


OLAP Web client

Open saved analysis as report with grid and chart data at the same time.


OLAP Web client

Create analysis subscription and receive fresh OLAP data at scheduled time.

Add to Dashboard

OLAP Web client

Use created OLAP analysis to create interactive Dashboard elements (tiles) with options to filter within dashboard or continue analysis in ‘Analysis’ view.