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OLAP Analysis

with Unique Dashboard BI software delivers web based and attractive OLAP analysis visualizations for 'MS Analysis Services' Multidimensional and Tabular models. Quick product setup, OLAP standard analytic features, visual analysis, reports and analysis subscriptions are key features of Unique Dashboard BI software.

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Dashboards Software

based on data from your SQL and OLAP databases (MSSQL or ODBC) are quickly designed to present most valuable information for your business environment. Collaborate with your team on BI content. KPI, Scorecards and Gauges presents visual success metric tools, while charts present data visualizations and trend indicators.

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About Unique Dashboard BI

  1. Unique Dashboard BI software is a web application installed on Windows operating system, which serves Business Intelligence content to authorized users using web browsers.
  2. Setup Unique Dashboard BI to work as on-premise BI server or part of your cloud BI environment
  3. It takes 5 minutes to download and install Unique Dashboard BI software, and create your first OLAP analysis report or Dashboard.
  4. Users can access Unique Dashboard BI from intranet or Internet, depending on environment configuration.
  5. Intuitive and easy-to-adopt user interface is one of featured points of Unique Dashboard BI software.
  6. Unique Dashboard BI is OLAP analysis software (OLAP client) used to access, browse and analyze OLAP data and create OLAP reports for Multidimensional and Tabular models on ‘Analysis Services’.
  7. Users are able to quickly create business interactive dashboards, using already created OLAP analysis or using MDX and SQL queries (MSSQL or ODBC).
  8. Unique Dashboard BI software has features to create and maintain your organization KPIs.
  9. Interactive Dashboards can be accessed from desktop or mobile devices.
  10. Users can subscribe to receive Dashboards and OLAP analysis at scheduled time.
  11. Unique Dashboard BI software usage and features are documented is user manuals available on our web site.
  12. Team work and collaboration features, brings BI content closer to your users.
  13. Unique Dashboard BI offers several options to integrate with your web solution and serve BI content in your existing web environment.
  14. Unique Dashboard releases new versions of Unique Dashboard BI several times through the year.

Unique Dashboard BI tool application is Business Intelligence software you would like to see in your environment, if your data is primary stored on MS SQL Server or MS Analysis Services and you would like to see more analysis and data visualization of your own data using web browser and team collaboration. Unique Dashboard BI software allows you even to connect to other data sources using Unique Dashboard ODBC connection support. Users within your environment could communicate using ‘Collaboration comments’ and be constantly in touch with thoughts of other users on BI specific content. Unique Dashboard will continue to develop new features related to OLAP analysis, Dashboards, data visualizations, reporting and mobile BI to provide full scale of expectations from Business Intelligence Software.
Three major goals of Business Intelligence Software is to give important data insight, option to analyze data of interest and to monitor important indicators that would alert, if expected conditions are met. If this features are available using web browser and mobile technologies, we proudly say, we have developed Business Intelligence software as we have imagined it should exists.
Great customer feedback ensures new plans and visions on the product road map that we would like to share with you.


Download 30 days evaluation of Unique Dashboard BI software and try all analysis and visualization features in action. It is a simple, 5 minutes installation that will bring you all features unlocked in evaluation version. We will be happy to receive your feedback and inquiries.