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Administrator Role

Administrator Role

Users who belong to Administrator role have maximum privileges in Unique Dashboard BI application. Administrators can see and manage any object in Unique Dashboard BI. By default, user who installs Unique Dashboard BI is automatically becoming member of Administrator role.

Administrator role have the right to do following actions:

Activate/deactivate users

Manage all objects in Unique Dashboard BI application

Assign/remove Administrator privileges to any user

Search Activity Log

Manage licensing/Import license

Activate/deactivate users

Every user who connects to Unique Dashboard BI is automatically becoming Unique Dashboard BI user. Administrator does not have to add any user explicitly. Additionally, administrator has privileges to activate/deactivate any user in Administration > Users & Admins section. Deactivated user will receive message that his/her account is deactivated, first time he/she tries to connect to Unique Dashboard BI.

Add/remove user to Administrator role

To add any user to Administrator role, go to Administration > Users & Admins section, mark user checkbox and click “Set Admin Rights” or “Remove Admin Rights” to remove user from Administrator role.